1) Definitely, a green lifestyle is a big trend in 2016! You can see it in a Veggie-Centric Cooking, that is becoming popular and will be even more in the future. According to the US-american National Restaurant Association, you can notice that in Restaurants the veggy part is often served as the main attraction, even if meat is included in the dish. In fact vegetable-centric meals are often vegetarian without being advertised as such any more. Instead the more consequent Vegan way of life is moving more into the center of interest.

2) Vegan Lifestyle / Fashion
Talking about vegan, there is a lot happening in the development of new fibers, made from plants. Fashion students from Rotterdam have developed a fruit leather from fruit waste. The manufacturing process is reminiscent of the production of dried fruit. And there is yet a new material for all vegans and plant friends, a silk from a cactus, that grows in the Sahara. The cactus silk is woven in Morocco by hand.

3) Life Hacking
Did you notice, that socalled Life Hacks, advisory videos or short lists, are getting more and more popular? People crave of getting things done in an overcomplex world. Titles such as “3 step this“ or “10 tipps for” continue to attract a wide readership.

4) Cosyness
Looking at the furnishing trends, there is a great wish for „cosyness“. Instead of perfect polished surfaces, you can see facilities now again look as someone is living in. Wood furniture and paneling instead of cool-smooth-gloss surfaces, more materials, decorative pillows. Even the wing chair comes back as retro furniture. The new soft and cozy, as well as DIY, Dawanda and canning of vegetables must be something as a reaction to the increasing digitalization of the world.

5) Chaos Magic
Have you ever heard of Normcore? Well now, according to New York Trend Agency K-Hole, the next trend is following up already: Chaos Magic! This term was founded as occult practice in the 70s and follows the idea, that the world is changing, but we are unable to understand it. Makes sense: the flow of information on which is based a large part of our social and private daily life, is getting for us to complex to understand. So let’s believe in the magic of chaos!

6) Locking the cyber doors
The Internet of Things is indeed great, but the innovation researchers from Nesta suggest that you should better be prepared against cyberattacks, than just against the ordinary threat of housebreaking.

7) Uber about everything
It started with the driving service, continued with massages in your own home and with good restaurant food in home delivery. And it is far from over: The Uberisierung of the world will do that soon everything on demand and via app is available for purchase, said Erik Rannala, co-founder of “Mucker Capital”.

8) Craftsmanship
The “Artisan” and “Craftsmanship”-trend started as a reaction against the mass production. Today’s small businesses, supported by apps and social technologies, allow cost effective ways of producing and marketing to an audience that increasingly wants to know what they consume, where it’s from, by whom and how it is made. Crafted things are furthermore associated with quality and mindful human labor – which equals exclusivity and prestige for consumers.