The footwear industry has come a long way since when the environmental protection and the vegan lifestyle were directly associated with food, clothes and shoe stores. Fortunately these times belong to the past.

Founded in 2009, the company NOAH produces elegant fashionable shoes of vegan materials. A novelty are the processed materials : long-lasting, scratch proof, durable, breathable, partly recycled or recyclable. The whole doesn’t only look good but feels wonderful and offers a pleasant wearing comfort. Feet and conscience both feel good immediately.


The shoes are skilfully manufactured in Italy in shoe factories of high quality, characterized by traditional handicraft production. Thanks to a careful selection and a constant supervision of the manufacturers, NOAH guarantees that the production takes place in compliance with the current regulations for the protection of workers. By complying with fair working conditions and the use of vegan materials, the shoes of NOAH do leave a social just and ecological footprint.

The shoes came into being upon a need to produce high-quality Italian shoes and respect environment, animals and human health at the same time. Thousands of cattles arn‘t killed under unspeakable conditions. Also our children and their children can be glad and thankful as climate-damaging methane gas produced by the cattles doesn’t heat up atmosphere anymore and therefore doesn’t speed up climate change.

As a matter of fact, you could say thatthe future is/ eats vegan– otherwise there’d be no future on this planet anymore. This thought was also the driving force the company founders who eat vegetarian/ vegan for 30 years now and successfully transferred this idea to shoes and accessories by now.

The company represents an innovative alternative to the traditional leather shoe and follows a philosophy of sustainable management, which reflects in the whole manufacturing process. The objective was clearly reached : Chic and vegan isn’t a contradiction anymore!