Do you shop online? How often? When you see free delivery does that make you more likely to buy something?

And when you do, how does that package arrive at your door? Most commonly, a delivery van with a diesel engine comes and delivers it. E-commerce with free delivery is growing fast.

As people are becoming more comfortable ordering more and more individual packages, more and more vans are taking more and more trips all over the city to deliver each of these packages. That all adds up to a lot more diesel emissions polluting the air and contributing to air pollution, poor health, and climate change.

Voltia is here to solve that problem. Voltia helps companies transition their van fleets from regular, diesel vans into electric vans which produce no tailpipe emissions.

Operating an electric van isn’t the same as operating a diesel van – there are many fewer electric vehicle charging points than gas stations, so operators must take range and recharging into account when planning their routes. Drivers have to drive differently to conserve the battery for longer. Because of these differences not all routes are best served by an electric van.

However, there are many, many benefits to operating an electric van once you have one – zero local pollutants being emitted, minimal maintenance required, far higher energy efficiency, the ability to access low emissions zones and not being subject to oil price fluctuations.

Photo by Voltia

Voltia helps companies overcome all of the challenges mentioned above so that they can transition to electric. Voltia conducts a complete business analysis, especially looking at driving routes and practices,
to determine which ones would best be served by electric vans, and then sets up the necessary charging infrastructure to support those vans. The company trains drivers, conducts battery and van maintenance, provides a battery management system, and generally supports clients throughout the whole length of the contract.

Perhaps most innovatively and important, Voltia own the vans and leases them to its clients for a monthly fee, saving the clients from having to make a large, risky, up-front purchase before they even know if it’s the right approach for them.

Voltia’s mission is a Europe cleaner, healthier, and free from the dependence on oil. Switching their light commercial van fleets from diesel to electric is a big deal for many companies. For the health of our people and our planet, Voltia’s goal is to help as many companies as possible make that switch as smoothly as possible.