Einhorn tries to prove that a world in which unicorns exists can be created: A world in which companies are economically successful, but at the same time have a positive impact on people and environment. That includes contributing to the happiness of the people and the environment along the whole production process of a condom. Therefore einhorn reinvests 50% of its profits into fairstainability (fair and sustainable)-projects.

Einhorn condoms have had a long journey, before they reach the office in Germany. To get the raw material natural rubber, workers on rubber plantations in Malaysia tap the bark of the rubber trees in the early mornings. The liquid called latex can emerge and slowly drops into cubs, which is collected later. From the plantations the latex goes to a processing firm and finally to the condom manufacturer in Malaysia. There the condoms are made and shipped to Germany.


Currently einhorn´s focus is at the beginning of the value chain, the rubber plantations. Usually the huge monoculture plantations are covering wide areas of land. The space between the trees is treated with lots of chemicals, so that nothing else has a chance to grow there. Considering the fact, that there is usually rainforest in the same area, einhorn wants to bring back the forest to the plantations. Not only the environment should be treated right, but also the people working on the plantations. Therefore einhorn is working together in close contact to its partners in Malaysia to improve the working conditions on their partner plantation.

The aim is to establish an example of fairstainable rubber cultivation. So far the steps reached are: transparency along the value chain and building trust with the partners. Current challenges are to reduce the agrochemicals usage there. Along with a training for the workers as well as paying them a premium according to the amount of rubber they are tapping, even economic feasibility could be reached. As a result the plantation is even more efficient.