The German Start-up Deutsche Energiesysteme GmbH has developed a new technology called ælectra® producing infrared heat. It is a perforated thin heating membrane made from extremely reliable materials: PET and carbon fiber. It quickly and efficiently heats up to maximum temperature 33°C within only 60 seconds, functioning completely with electricity. Each room can be individually controlled, based on your actual needs. The ælectra® system can be invisibly applied to walls, ceilings or floors. No radiators, pipes or boilers are needed, which allows to install the ælectra® system even in very small apartments without taking much space.

Safe technology based on low voltage protection. It means that ælectra® also can be installed in bathrooms, showers, kitchens or other damp or wet areas. The technology is simple to use and maintenance free.


Convectional heating is a key factor in the formation of harmful mould and the dispersion of dust in the air, which is caused by heating the air in the room. The infrared heat generated by the ælectra® heating system mainly heats walls, furniture and people, not the air itself. Allergic, people with asthma or other respiratory problems benefit of that system.


Smart heating with electricity makes both economic- and environmental wise sense. Sustainability of the technology is guaranteed by ability of ælectra® to operate with 100% renewable energy. The system can be can be combined with the electrical storage unit ælectra®+ and renewable wind and solar power generation. It represents the perfect combination of different types of power generation (power-to-heat).

To sum up it is extremely easy and fast to install. After installation you will not see it as the foil itself is very thin. The convenience of usage of ælectra® is guaranteed its simplicity: technical support or regular maintenance is not an issue of concern.

For innovative users one of the solid advantages is that it can be connected to smart building solution. It can be easily linked to existing electric infrastructure. And finally it is a completely eco-friendly technology as it can function completely on renewable energy and does not produce any kind of emissions.