The “Blood Diamond” actor is investing in sustainable cultivation of artificial diamonds

Talking about the most precious resource we know, most people’s eyes begin to sparkle, hearts beat faster. But since the US movie “Blood Diamond” hit the cinemas in 2009, it is widely known what a sad and dirty business diamond mining is and how it plays a major role in financing illegal wars in crisis areas.

US Hollywood Star Leonardo DiCaprio, who starred as an unscrupulous South African smuggler in the film, can now use his prominence for an honorable investment. According to his recent twitter post, he is „proud to invest in Diamond Foundry Inc. — reducing the human and environmental toll of the diamond industry by sustainably culturing diamonds without the destructive use of mining.”

The California start up claims to be able to produce artificial diamonds in the quality of real diamonds. According to the company, it is possible with the new method to breed hundreds of diamonds with up to nine carats in only two weeks in the laboratory. That sounds like a brilliant idea and, besides, we will love him a bit more now for acting globally responsible.