A bicycle is absolutely fundamental if you want to live sustainably, allowing you to get from A to B in a way that is environmentally friendly, quick and uncomplicated.

Cycling is simple, but the Berlin Bicycle Week festival is currently showing how this everyday act is being enriched in a number of diverse ways. The festival doesn’t focus solely on the bicycle itself, but also on the cycling lifestyles and cultures that have grown as the form of transportation becomes ever more popular. Competition, fun and fitness are among the topics of discussion.

But without technology and safety, we might as well go home. The last year has seen many advances in these areas, and the smart apps, e-mobility solutions, intelligent bike fashion and ambitious designs on display confirm that bike technology is a growth area.

As for safety, a recurring topic for the daily cyclist is reliable lighting. Failing batteries and irritating components can often fetter our cycling enjoyment.

That’s why Magnic Light is such a boon. It’s the first lighting system operated by a contactless wheel-rim dynamo, which works without additional components like batteries or cables. The energy required for the lighting is taken from the wheels without actually touching the rim and provides a beam strength that compares with the strongest battery-powered lights.

Magnic Light’s combination of design and its ability to change cyclists’ everyday life was convincing enough for the jury at the GreenTec Awards. The judges at Europe’s largest environmental and economic awards ceremony awarded Magnic Light first prize in the new Bike category.

The ninth edition of the GreenTec Awards takes place on 29th May, 2016, in Munich, with the Bike category very much at its forefront.

Alongside Magnic Light in Bike’s top three nominees were RELO, who have created the first removable bicycle motor, and Veleon with their three-wheeled, tilting cargo bike.