In a new move to further the French governments green credentials, an announcement was made to stop granting licences for new oil and gas exploration projects.

The ecological transition minister, Nicolas Hulot, told the broadcaster BFMTV that there would be “no new exploration licences for hydrocarbons”.

Hulot added that the government would do this by extending president Macron’s moratorium on fracking projects to cover all oil and gas exploration, hinting that the government would also increase taxes on diesel while streamlining the environmental decision making process.


The French president has not been shy when it comes to his commitments to the environment. His manigesto has promose a huge renovation to the improve the efficiency of French homes, along with a sharp increase of investment into the renewables sector. He has also pledged to accelerate the deployment of zero-emission vehicles.

As Hulot made his comments, Macron and the former Californian governor and climate change campaigner Arnold Schwarzenegger were in meetings to discuss plans for a new global pact, giving people a mechanism for securing environmental justice.

The new duo were quick to snipe at Trump, vowing to “make the planet great again”:


Macron said that the proposed new pact would build on existing human rights legislation and would be the next step onwards, after the Paris accord.

The former French foreign minister and the chair of the Paris summit, Laurent Fabius, backed the proposals. “We already have two international [human rights] pacts … The idea is to create a third, for a third generation of rights – environmental rights,” he said.

Schwarzenegger called for universal political support, “It is absolutely imperative that we not make it a political issue. This is not the right versus the left because there is no liberal air or conservative air. We all breathe the same air. There is no liberal water or conservative water, we all drink the same water.”

These proposed covenants would build on the UN’s framework for social, economic, and cultural rights, and civil and political rights protection.