Ever been bored of constantly eating the same, over and over again? Tired of the similar food selections in your local supermarket or at the closest bakery? Have you not had the time to cook and had to rely on the fast food chains around your house?

The Indian student Bhaskar has now come up with a very innovative and interesting product: A color changing, bacon-flavored and highly nutritious meat cracker called “Happy Flairs”. This cracker gives access to high protein content, which is required for performing metabolic activities inside the human body. This way, the crackers are particularly useful for people who need a lot of energy to get through the day but don’t have the time to cook – especially since meat products often take a long time to be prepared.

Additionally, Bhaskar came up with an intelligent and smart packaging solution that informs consumers about the freshness of their “Happy Flairs” crackers. The packaging solution comes in the form of two sensors that tracks moisture content and progressive degradability of the food. As in for the fun part of it when the crackers are dipped in two individual sauces, the crackers turn blue, pink or violet, depending on what buyers prefer.


Last but not least, “Happy Flairs” crackers are 100% handmade by animal farmers and local bakers. This means that, apart from being tasty and amazingly delicious, they leverage the economy for unskilled labor. The crackers are a combination of the waste products of both the farming and baking industry. By making the crackers, not only can the workers make use of their leftovers but they can sell the products to neighbouring villages to earn an extra living. Environmentally and socially responsible – we like!