Have you ever been out in nature, travelling or hiking, and you weren’t quite sure of the water quality that came out of the tab or that was available in a seemingly clean river high up in the mountains? When people travel around the world, accessing safe water and clean food is a common challenge. Street side food stalls and eateries are sources of food contamination due to unhygienic conditions. And even water doesn’t have the same quality all around the world.

Bhaskar Mitra, an Indian student currently working on his PHD in Denmark, faced the same problem when travelling through more than fifteen countries in his young life. Eventually, he came up with a clever solution to the problem: A portable, solar powered, chargeable smart phone cover that enables people to travel safely without worrying about charging stations or water and food contamination. Its name: ONE USEx.


With ONE USEx , Bhaskar created a user interface that effectively connects food science with digital technology. His goal: To empower people in a refined way.

His phone cover device ‘ONE USEx’ comes integrated with application software that detects the total count of microorganisms present in food or water. When finding bacteria, the app automates a control UVC Lamp that kills the microorganisms by damaging their DNA and then recounts the total microbial population to show that the food or water is now safe for consumption.

Additionally to its cleaning-feature, the phone cover also acts like a cushion protecting the telephones when they fall down on the ground. Plus, it can charge any iPhone or Android phone models! If you’re travelling in places without electricity, this smart phone cover can be directly powered to solar cells, so that the cellphone essentially charges itself.


This technology is a combination of hardware and software working simultaneously with the potential to improve a million lives. Not only travelers can benefit from this innovation, but also people in third world countries could greatly change their quality of life with this simple phone cover.

With the programme code soon to be transformed into an app, followed by filing a patent, ONE USEx will be a major breakthrough technology in maintaining sustainable growth and in creating a common platform for bag packers. ONE USEx is really the ultimate product that people must have in their travel bag – and we cannot wait to hear from Bhaskar’s future projects!