If you have ever doubted the fact that dolphins behave a lot like human beings, you may wanna rethink your opinion after you are done with this article. Not only do dolphins behave like us, they also like to indulge in an occasional whiff of toxins, whenever dolphin life gets a bit much. And those beautiful creatures don’t even need a dealer, because nature made sure, that even a dolphin gets to have a little bit of fun.

Thanx to the hidden cameras of a Discovery Channel production team lead by wildlife filmmaker John Downer we are able to witness dolphins taking advantage of the toxins of a pufferfish in Southeast Africa. Really carefully of course, because a full dosage of “Puffy’s” neurotoxinthe can be deadly. In the incredible video footage you can see how dolphins continuously nibbling on pufferfish, until the sea creature is so annoyed, that it feels  the need to release Its highly dangerous brown cloud. The greedy dolphins waste no time trying to suck up just the right amount of nerve toxin to “feel good”. After a while they are feeling so “high”, that all they can do is roll on their backs and close their eyes. As soon as the dolphin drifts on cloud nine, the clever pufferfish uses the opportunity, deflates and swims off.

Sounds hard to believe? Well then feast your eyes on these amazing and funny visuals.